Friday, July 28, 2006

Who's The Biggest Flip-Flopper Of Them All?

If John McCain is the Republican nominee in 2008, I hope the media pounce on the flip-flop theme with a much zeal as they fell for the Kerry nonsense in 2004. Then again, that is at least partially dependent on the Democrats showing some spine (sadly lacking). As described by Kevin Drum, McCain first flip-flops on Jerry Falwell, then on torture, and now, on campaign finance reform. What's left, but the ghost of Bush?

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John Lowell said...


The mistake here is to take any of these clowns at face value, McCain or anyone else. They are in Washington for themselves, what could be any more evident?

You and I have no representation in Washington whatsoever, MM, and we must face it. With the Republican Party in the grip of both neo-con Israelists and Fundamentalist Einsatzgruppen and the Democratic Party with nothing to recommend it except for the virulent personal ambition of its individual office holders, we'd do well opting out altogether as I have proudly ever since 1992. I want no part of it, feel it is best served by my boycotting it and look only to an intervention of God for improvement. I abstain, thank you.

John Lowell