Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pat Buchanan Makes Sense!

Yes, you heard right. See what he has to say about Lebanon. He asks:
"But where are the Christians? Why is Pope Benedict virtually alone among Christian leaders to have spoken out against what is being done to Lebanese Christians and Muslims?"
Good question. I think the ones of the American variety are dispensationalists, closet or open.


kitab said...

Good article. Buchanan is very rhetorically skilled (terse sentences, self-contained paragraphs, graphic turns of phrase, the whole bag of tricks). This makes him extremely irritating to read on those occasions that I disagree with him - which is 95 percent of the time - but on rare occassions like this I can feel my head nodding in agreement at the conclusion of each paragraph. He's also one of only two TV pundits I can recall who opposed the Iraq war from the getgo (Chris Matthews being the other), and how prophetic his pre-war assesments have turned out to be!

shadhu said...

I also dislike Buchanan, but in this one he is indeed on the mark.

John Lowell said...

kitab & shadhu,

Sounds as though the two of you can't be considered paleo-cons, dislike as I may use of term.

I've followed Buchanan for decades with rather mixed feelings about him and, like you, have discovered he has much to offer on any number of questions. But he always disappoints with a curious schizophrenia, his endorsement of Bush in the last election despite his repeated excoriation of him in many of his pieces. Some - repeat some - of Buchanan is faith inspired but not all, believe me. He's all to frequently driven - as are many - by his dislike of American political liberalism. It causes him to loose perspective at times. His strengths in my view, life questions, the Middle East in many respects, and his views on outsourcing. Buchanan is an odd mix though, don't trust him always to please you.

John Lowell