Thursday, July 27, 2006

McCarrick Slaps Weigel!

(**Warning: this may be too "insider Catholic" for some people's tastes!!**)

Conservative theologian George Weigel, who supported Bush's Iraq misadventures and dissents from Catholic teaching on the death penalty, recently wrote an article making snide remarks about Cardinal McCarrick's well-known penchant for "moderation". He went on to say "Then there are questions of doctrine.", and proceeded to quote an article describing various heterodox positions taken by three different Catholics. The good cardinal did not take this lying down, though, and issued a rebuttal, taking Weigel to task for seeming to equate these people with McCarrick. Said McCarrick:

"Sometimes, however, it truly is important to set the record straight in the face of half-truths or innuendos, lest the old axiom that silence presumes consent gives the impression that one has no reply, and the field is left to those who manipulate words into fanciful concepts with little relevance to the facts. "


...the column goes on to describe the positions of three Catholics from other nations - people I don’t know – as if their erroneous views were my own. That is, at the minimum, deceptive journalism, if not worse."

Ouch. More from dotCommonweal and Rocco Palmo. The interesting thing is that Weigel published in newspaper of the Archdiocese of Denver, led by Archbishop Chaput, who also leans conservative and who (some say) would have liked to replace McCarrick in Washington. Note, though, that the person who actually replaced McCarrick, Archbishop Wuerl of Pittsburgh, had previously chided some of his fellow bishops who denied communion to John Kerry in 2004 (a small handful) asserting that such a momentous decision like this should require a two-thirds majority. And McCarrick was at the forefront of refusing to politicize the eucharist. Then again, the George Weigels of the world seem inclined to turn the church into a subsidiary of the Republican party every chance they get. Not going to happen!

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