Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What if Giuliani is Nominated?

Recent polls show that Rudy is the strong front runner on the Republican side; in the most stark one, he leads McCain by a whopping 51 percent to 21 percent. I suspect this will not hold, and it's very early in the game, but there is still a nontrivial probability that Rudy Giuliani will the Republican nominee for president. Now, there are many things that can be said about this. For now, I will confine myself to just one thought: how will Bill Donohue, Deal Hudson, and their allies on the Catholic right react to another pro-abortion Catholic candidate? Will they hound and harass as they did John Kerry? Will they demand his expulsion from the Communion line? Or will their true loyalty to all things Republican be exposed? For this will be a test of whether they are indeed more concerned with Catholic principles than partisan point scoring. This could be fun!

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Franklin Jennings said...

"Or will their true loyalty to all things Republican be exposed? "

I don't know if that will happen or not, but your phrasing certainly demonstrates precisely the lack of charity that "blooms" from putting something, anything, before Christ.

May as well admit you hate Hudson and Donaghue, and are in league with a party united by abortion. Your slips of the tongue make it almost obvious anyway.

And as always, I'm not a Republican. I'll vote for a pro-abort methodist over a pro-abort catholic any day if those ar emy only real options. I did it last time, I'll do it again, and it just makes me sicker and sicker with each pro-abort methodist.