Saturday, February 24, 2007

Restoring Moral Authority in America

Human Rights Watch has come up with 10 steps:

(1) Restore Habeas Corpus
(2) Stop Renditions to Torture
(3) Abolish Secret Prisons
(4) Hold Abusers Accountable
(5) Hold Fair Trials (don't allow evidence based on torture)
(6) Prohibit Abusive Interrogations (they mean torture)
(7) Close Guantánamo Bay
(8) Respect the Laws of War
(9) Protect Victims of Persecution From Being Defined As Terrorists
(10) End Indefinite Detention Without Charge

Going through this list, you can see the evil fruits of the Bush administration, and they are many.

1 comment:

Franklin Jennings said...

Thats only 9. #1 and #10 are the same thing, or do you expect we should habeas an actual corpus?