Monday, February 05, 2007

Pro-Life Backlash?

I've talked before (more than once!) about the hypocrisy embodying much of the modern pro-life movement, how its view of Catholic social teaching is deliberately blinkered, making it more palatable the evangelicals, and also making it quite clear that the ultimate objective is to vote Republican. Now, via Rocco Palmo, comes news of a Catholic Accountability Project, with the following statement by its spokesperson:
"As a lifelong member of the Catholic Church who could reasonably be considered a traditional, anti-abortion, pro-life Catholic with nine children and eighteen grandchildren, I find the "Pro-Life" Movement and march on Washington increasingly troublesome. The uneasiness is with the ever more glaring hypocrisy of its leadership and that of the Catholic hierarchy.

The resounding silence of the "Pro-Life" camp, the Catholic Bishops and clergy in the face of daily horrendous violence in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine is a scandal beyond
belief. Massacre of innocent civilians, women and children, use of cluster bombs to kill, dismember and mutilate, and now even torture, continue without a murmur of protest or discernible concern."
The statement points the finger clearly at the close relationship between the main pro-life organizations (such as the National Right to Life Committee) and the Southern (sorry, Republican) Party. Kind of obvious, isn't it?


Katerina Marie said...

Good post. I have not found the hierarchy to be hypocritical in other matters of life though, in fact, it is the laity that doesn't hear the call coming from the magisterium.

It's just an inconsistent ethic of life and this you have pointed out before too: what I call "extremist pro-lifers" who even oppose standing up for other life issues.

Franklin Jennings said...

Leave it to an uptight yankee broad to get an unnecessary dig in at another culture when it is completely off topic.

If you expect to be taken seriously, write as though you do. it would be an improvement over your barely veiled bigotry.