Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Liberal Media? Yeah, Right!

Rewind back to 2004, when the media was dutifully reporting the latest GOP talking points about Kerry. Remember the one-sided "flip flop" spin, even though Bush flipped as frequently as he flopped? Remember the calumnous swift boat allegations that received top billing across the media spectrum, even though the evidence firmly supported Kerry's position.

At the same time, the media was deliberately holding back stories that could embarrass Bush. Eric Boehlert recounts at least five incidents. First, the infamous decision by the New York Times to sit on the National Security Agency's warrantless eavesdropping program story, one that would eventually earn a Pulitzer prize. Second, Time did not want Matthew Cooper to testify before the Valerie Plame grand jury because it was so close to the election. Cooper ended up securing the necessary waiver and testifying in 2005, but could have done so earlier. Third, the media knew for some time that the assault on Fallujah was deliberately postponed until after the election, but opted not to share this information with the public. Fourth, CBS pulled a story on the Bush administration's dubious claims about Iraq's nuclear weapons programs before the election, even though the reporting was solid. Fifth, the New York Times refused to even discuss the mysterious bulge that appeared on Bush's back during the first presidential debate, despite scientific evidence that something was there (it was most likely a bulletproof vest).

The media completely abrogated its public service responsibilities during the last election. What kind of hold does the Bush administration have over these people?

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