Thursday, April 12, 2007

Life is Better Than Under Saddam, Right?

Not according to Shlemon Warduni, auxiliary bishop of Baghdad. Last year, and interviewer asked about whether life was just as bad as under Saddam. The bishop cut him off:
"No, in no way. The comparison won’t hold up, it’s not even worth suggesting. Under Saddam there was dictatorship, the wars… but the people lived fairly well. Today there is the total insecurity, one can’t be sure in the morning of coming home in the evening, it seems absurd but that’s how it is. I can testify to it in person, if you’ll believe it."
Hmm, I wonder if Michael Novak is as disappointed with him as he was with the pope. What an ungrateful cleric, unwilling to thank his real Messiah, George W. Bush, for bestowing the freely-given gift of freedom and redemption! Just another euro-weenie trying to "stick it to the Americans". Actually, maybe Novak needs to live in Iraq to wallow in the glory himself...

(Tip: Evangelical Catholicism.)

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Anonymous said...

Michael Novak has been a special favorite of mine since he went to Rome 4 years ago attempting to bring old-stubborn-liberal-European JPII up to speed by instructing him that the catechism's "just war" principles were hopelessly outdated and needed hasty revision to get into line with the upcoming Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq--which would soon have the Iraqis tossing flowers at our soldiers' feet in gratitude.

Michael Novak has proven himself to be one of the Great Catholic Minds of our time--and always with such utter HUMILITY. Good Heavens, how could you not admire a guy like that?