Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Into Great Silence

Last weekend, I saw this excellent movie centering around the lives of the Carthusian monks inside the Grande Chartreuse in the Alps. The movie is three hours long, and has practically no dialogue. All we see are scenes of the monks living their daily life as the seasons change. It is an immensely beautiful movie, and the viewer is almost touched by the grace exuded by these monks. The three hours pass by as as fleeting moment, much as their life does, engrossed as they are in searching for God. See this movie if you can.

In light of the upcoming Triduum, this blog will also go "Into Great Silence" for a few days. Let's set aside politics, take a leaf out of the Carthusians' book, and focus on more important things. At least for a few days! See you soon...

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