Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Five Favorite TV Shows

I think it's time for a lighter topic! So here goes: the five TV shows I most enjoy at the present time.

1. Battlestar Galactica

A brilliantly written show, featuring multidimensional characters and a fascinating story arc, that fearlessly addresses highly controversial topics like abortion, terrorism, torture, fear-mongering, suicide bombing-- all in the context of a science fiction space drama.

2. Lost

Mixing the present with character flashbacks, this complicated drama piles riddle upon riddle, mystery upon mystery, in an ever-increasing spiral of confusion, with only the vaguest hints that somehow everything is connected and will one day be revealed! Highly addictive...

3. Rome

And you thought modern politics was vicious! After Ceasar was knifed to death, it's everybody for themselves in the Roman streets-- and the Senate too.

4. 24

Maybe getting past its sell-buy date, but still makes for gripping television and a weekly adrenaline rush, as long as you realize that it's all fiction and that Jack Bauer is not somebody to lauded or emulated... (that's for Bush supporters!)

5. Prison Break

This started off as a unique concept-- breaking into prison to break somebody else out. Now trying to sustain itself in second season, the escapees are on the run and seem to have a remarkably easy time avoiding detection. Still, the diverse cast and multiple story lines makes for interesting viewing, and who can resist a drama about a nefarious president in the grip of big companies engaging in multiple conspiracies and cover-ups?

Now, if only The Sopranos returned, it would surely have its rightful place in this group restored!

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