Friday, January 05, 2007

Egan Makes Sense

Rocco Palmo reports an interview with Cardinal Egan in New York in which he was asked what he thought of two potential New Yorkers (Clinton and Giuliani) running for president in 2008.
Seemingly without a flinch, Egan replied, "They're all friends of mine."To reiterate the point, the cardinal himself mentioned former New York Gov. George Pataki, a Republican who's also a pro-choice Catholic, as a "friend." "Mayor Giuliani's a friend of mine, Senator Clinton is a friend of mine and whomever else you want to name," Egan said. "And I've been very, very careful, I hope you notice. Never have I got into partisan politics of any kind at all."
Now, this is the right answer. And it is the answer the vast majority of bishops would give. Unfortunately, the media gives far too much attention to that small minority (you can count them on one hand) who tell people to vote Republican.

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