Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Democratic Musings

(Cross-posted from Vox Nova).

I'm still trying to make my mind up about Sunday's debate of Democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire. Conventional wisdom places Hillary on top, but I don't see it: I still find her rather wooden and overly nuanced (but she did net one good line in: quipping about Bush's diplomacy, she noted the tendency to send Dick Cheney around the world-- hardly diplomatic!). Likewise, Obama disappointed. When I read his speeches, I find the rhetoric harking back to a more eloquent time, and there are shades of Bobby Kennedy. But I'm not sure he is good on his feet. Surprisingly, I was most impressed by the passion and knowledge of Joe Biden, even though I disagree with his recent vote on the Iraq bill. And then there is Edwards. I found him highly impressive, especially when be openly touts his humility, admitting he was wrong to support the Iraq war. Given the current incumbent, a little humility refreshes like a gust of cool air on a humid day...

And what of the topics? Pretty much all agree on Iraq, which is good. Also, I really like the attention given the health care. I would have liked for more on global warming. And I would have liked questions on abortion, the death penalty, and torture... Still, it makes a refreshing change from the gaggle of preening adolescents on the Republican stage, each more eager than the other to prove himself a tough guy (see here for more on that).

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Anonymous said...

I like Edwards and don't understand the supposed logic that he's hypocritical for taking up the issue of poverty because he's rich. Virtually ALL politicians are rich compared to the average American, so according to that "logic" none of them have a right to address the problems of poor people. Perhaps a convenient premise by conservative Republican standards, but moral?

As for Biden, I can already hear the chants of burn-him-at-the stake-stone-him-in-the-coliseum from the prolife harpies. Spare us another Catholic Democratic nominee!