Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Which of the Three "John Kerrys" Will the Republicans Nominate?

Candidate Number 1: Mitt Romney, the man who changes his mind on absolutely everything.

Candidate Number 2: Rudy Guiliani, the pro-abortion Catholic.

Candidate Number 3: John McCain, the Vietnam war hero.

Three John Kerrys. I assume the conservatives will therefore repeat what they did in 2004, and hound these guys for flip-flopping incessantly, for dissenting from Church teaching on abortion, and for over-playing military service (I assume Republicans to repeat their little stunt with Purple Heart Band-Aids). Come on, folks, three John Kerrys! Don't you want to support Hillary?

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Anonymous said...

Do you really think McCain overplays his military service?

As to your question:

Come on, folks, three John Kerrys! Don't you want to support Hillary?

Not on a dare.

But if my almost certain third-party vote amounts to a vote for La Hillary, as supporters of the Country Club Party insist, then so be it. Maybe next time the Powers That Be will favour us with something more palatable than the "choice" between an admittedly competent fascist--okay, okay, "authoritarian"--(Giuliani) or an incompetent one.

One could argue plausibly that the latter is likely to do less damage in the long run.

(Yes, that is essentially a cut 'n' paste from the comments box at the blog where I first saw this question. I just thought you might appreciate getting a comment on your blog. ;) )