Thursday, September 07, 2006

And the Parsees Shall Inherit the Earth!

Michael Ledeen is a key member of the Bushite war party, issuing lofty pronouncements on who should be bombed next from his perch at the American Enterprise Institute. As well as being an expert in terrorism, his blurb claims he has "written on leadership and the use of power". Ledeen is somewhat single minded, believing that Iran is the root of all evil in the world. It used to be Iraq, but Ledeen seems to have forgotten all about that one. Yes, as another card-carrying Bushite, Ledeen adheres more to ideology than the reality-based community. A big backer of criminal Ahmad Chalabi, Ledeen actually claimed that he would not have run into Tehran's arms if the American government had been nicer to him. But Ledeen's ability to go beyond the standard Bushite tunnel vision and think outside the box is what really makes him unique. In fact, Ledeen should be credited for being the first person who bring our attention to the Venezuela office of the Iranian global terror network, with all its dastardly plans.

Of course, Ledeen flirts regularly with the dark side. He is on record as arguing that terrorists should be killed, not captured, on the battlefield. He was practically salivating when Israel invaded Lebanon and offered his sage advice: "Faster, please".

But now Ledeen has outdone himself. He has long claimed that the Iranian regime is on the verge of collapse, and that a little support from the United States for student protestors would do the trick. (Haven't we heard this before? Oh, never mind). But he now claims that Iran is on the verge of a huge Zoroastrian revival, and that Islam is dying. I'm not joking. Next step: invading US troops will be welcomed with flowers and fire ceremonies.

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shadhu said...

What a nutcase! AEI must be proud to have him on board...